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Eterna KonTiki 10, c1968

The Kontiki models of the 1950’s and 60’s are arguably some of Eterna’s most iconic models. Solidly constructed, inside and out in every respect, they were favoured by Divers and Military personnel at the time.  This particular vintage watch is an Eterna KonTiki 10 dating from 1958. It is in stunning condition for its age….Read more

Longines wrist watch, tropical dial

This vintage Longines watch has a good quality 17-jewel calibre 6952 hand-winding movement which is keeping time well. The movement is fully signed and it has the serial number 53903096 which dates it back to 1977. For such a good quality movement, I am surprised that it is not part of one of the Longines…Read more

What are tropical dial watches?

A tropical dial watch is a vintage watch that has undergone a colour change on its dial. This colour change is typically caused by exposure to sunlight, humidity, and other environmental factors. These are conditions that are typically found in the tropics, hence the name. Tropical dial watches are considered highly valued by some vintage watch…Read more