Omega Seamaster Reference 165-009, 1962

I have been searching for a vintage Omega Seamaster for a number of months. In my opinion, the Omega Seamaster is a must-have for any serious watch collector. I am looking for a vintage Seamaster, dating from the early 1960s. It should be in very good condition and a reliable timekeeper. I don’t expect the…Read more

Vintage Art Deco watches

In the modern world, there seems to be an abundance of devices that can tell the time, from smartphones and tablets to microwaves and even my washing machine. There seems to be no need today to bother wearing a watch, unless of course, it is a statement of personal style. However, it wasn’t that long ago,…Read more

Omega T17 Tank watch, 1935

Recently I have been interested in vintage watches that have a distinct Art Deco style. The design is known for its use of geometric forms, vibrant colours and strong contrasts. Bold hues such as gold, silver, black, and red are typical and are often used to create striking visual effects. Overall, Art Deco watches have…Read more

Longines wristwatch for J W Benson, 1933

In my recent searches for a nice Art Deco style wristwatch, I came across the following offering from The Vintage Wrist Watch Company, a Longines cushion-cased wristwatch for J W Benson dating from 1933. Although, not the typical rectangular-curvex Art Deco design I was looking for, the battered dial has appeal, much like a well-loved…Read more

Wyler Watch Company

This is another obscure company, the Wyler Watch Company, that I came across whilst researching a post on vintage watch shock protection systems. The company was real, there are plenty of Wyler vintage watches available on the market, but there is no official history of their time from inception in the 1920s to their ultimate…Read more

Omega Seamaster wristwatch, 1956

This vintage Omega Seamaster wristwatch has a calibre 501 20-jewel automatic movement that works well and keeps time accurately. The movement is fully signed by Omega and the serial number 15,832,615 dates back to 1956. The Seamaster is one of those iconic brands that every true watch connoisseur wants to have in their collection. I…Read more

Watch shock protection systems

Watch shock protection systems are designed to protect the delicate components of a watch movement, in particular the balance wheel, from damage due to physical shocks or impacts. These systems are critical for maintaining the accuracy, reliability and longevity of a watch, as even minor shocks can cause damage to the movement’s intricate parts. The…Read more

How to wind a vintage watch

A vintage mechanical watch is powered by the mainspring and will only run if the mainspring is wound to some degree. The mainspring is wound either by hand or by a self-winding mechanism, i.e. an automatic movement. Normally, a mechanical watch has a 40 to 48-hour power reserve on a full wind. This means to…Read more