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The Swiss made brand: a timeless legacy

The name “Swiss made” is one of the most iconic and revered brands in the world. The term “Swiss Made” is synonymous with high-quality luxury watches. The Swiss have jealously protected this venerated brand name for over a century. However, despite a long history of watchmaking the Swiss were not always known for their high-end…Read more

What are tropical dial watches?

A tropical dial watch is a vintage watch that has undergone a colour change on its dial. This colour change is typically caused by exposure to sunlight, humidity, and other environmental factors. These are conditions that are typically found in the tropics, hence the name. Tropical dial watches are considered highly valued by some vintage watch…Read more

The Dirty Dozen watches

The story of the Dirty Dozen watches began in 1943 when the British War Department realised the necessity of having a general service wristwatch built to high standards. They commissioned a watch for its forces. The aim was to find a replacement for the old A.T.P. (Army Trade Pattern) watches that had been in service…Read more

1970s Certina Bristol 235 wrist watch

This vintage Certina watch is stunning. It is branded, Certina Bristol 235, and has a good quality 17-jewel hand-winding movement, calibre 25-66, which is working nicely and keeping good time. The movement is clean and is fully signed with the Certina name. Certina Certina is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1888 by Adolf and Alfred…Read more