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Omega Seamaster Reference 165-009, 1962

I have been searching for a vintage Omega Seamaster for a number of months. In my opinion, the Omega Seamaster is a must-have for any serious watch collector. I am looking for a vintage Seamaster, dating from the early 1960s. It should be in very good condition and a reliable timekeeper. I don’t expect the…Read more

Omega Seamaster wristwatch, 1956

This vintage Omega Seamaster wristwatch has a calibre 501 20-jewel automatic movement that works well and keeps time accurately. The movement is fully signed by Omega and the serial number 15,832,615 dates back to 1956. The Seamaster is one of those iconic brands that every true watch connoisseur wants to have in their collection. I…Read more

How to wind a vintage watch

A vintage mechanical watch is powered by the mainspring and will only run if the mainspring is wound to some degree. The mainspring is wound either by hand or by a self-winding mechanism, i.e. an automatic movement. Normally, a mechanical watch has a 40 to 48-hour power reserve on a full wind. This means to…Read more

The Swiss made brand: a timeless legacy

The name “Swiss made” is one of the most iconic and revered brands in the world. The term “Swiss Made” is synonymous with high-quality luxury watches. The Swiss have jealously protected this venerated brand name for over a century. However, despite a long history of watchmaking the Swiss were not always known for their high-end…Read more

Eterna KonTiki 10, c1968

The Kontiki models of the 1950’s and 60’s are arguably some of Eterna’s most iconic models. Solidly constructed, inside and out in every respect, they were favoured by Divers and Military personnel at the time.  This particular vintage watch is an Eterna KonTiki 10 dating from 1958. It is in stunning condition for its age….Read more

The peculiar history of MuDu watches

MuDu watches are a vintage watch brand that come up online occasionally and the brand has a peculiar history. According to Mikrolisk, the “Bible” for horological trade marks, the MuDu brand was registered in 1957. It is listed as belonging to Brevinex SA/Kurt Dubach, Geneva Switzerland. There is a separate undated trade mark list on…Read more

Should I have my vintage watch serviced?

A vintage watch is more than just a tool to tell the time. It is an extension of your personality and style. That said, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your vintage watch is accurate, otherwise, it is just a piece of jewellery on your wrist. Regular maintenance and servicing can help prevent…Read more

Longines Flagship wrist watch, 1962

This impressive Longines Flagship vintage watch has a 17-jewel calibre 340 automatic movement which is working nicely. The movement is fully signed and it has the serial number 11,998,523 which dates it back to 1962. In the not-too-distant past, I was sporting a modern Longines Flagship Heritage automatic on my wrist. I wanted to discover…Read more

Are vintage watches waterproof?

A question that gets asked a lot in the vintage watch world is, are vintage watches waterproof? The simple answer is no! Even if it states on the case that the watch is waterproof it should, as with any vintage watch, be kept away from water and moisture. Water resistance The term “waterproof” is no…Read more

Omega Seamaster De Ville wristwatch, 1965

This vintage watch is a class Omega Seamaster De Ville dating from 1965. It is a stylish timepiece in good condition overall considering its age, this is the perfect example of a vintage watch you would want to wear. The watch has an Omega calibre 671 24-jewel automatic movement which is keeping good time. The…Read more