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Omega Seamaster Reference 165-009, 1962

I have been searching for a vintage Omega Seamaster for a number of months. In my opinion, the Omega Seamaster is a must-have for any serious watch collector. I am looking for a vintage Seamaster, dating from the early 1960s. It should be in very good condition and a reliable timekeeper. I don’t expect the…Read more

Omega T17 Tank watch, 1935

Recently I have been interested in vintage watches that have a distinct Art Deco style. The design is known for its use of geometric forms, vibrant colours and strong contrasts. Bold hues such as gold, silver, black, and red are typical and are often used to create striking visual effects. Overall, Art Deco watches have…Read more

Omega Seamaster wristwatch, 1956

This vintage Omega Seamaster wristwatch has a calibre 501 20-jewel automatic movement that works well and keeps time accurately. The movement is fully signed by Omega and the serial number 15,832,615 dates back to 1956. The Seamaster is one of those iconic brands that every true watch connoisseur wants to have in their collection. I…Read more

What are tropical dial watches?

A tropical dial watch is a vintage watch that has undergone a colour change on its dial. This colour change is typically caused by exposure to sunlight, humidity, and other environmental factors. These are conditions that are typically found in the tropics, hence the name. Tropical dial watches are considered highly valued by some vintage watch…Read more

Are vintage watches waterproof?

A question that gets asked a lot in the vintage watch world is, are vintage watches waterproof? The simple answer is no! Even if it states on the case that the watch is waterproof it should, as with any vintage watch, be kept away from water and moisture. Water resistance The term “waterproof” is no…Read more

Omega Seamaster De Ville wristwatch, 1965

This vintage watch is a class Omega Seamaster De Ville dating from 1965. It is a stylish timepiece in good condition overall considering its age, this is the perfect example of a vintage watch you would want to wear. The watch has an Omega calibre 671 24-jewel automatic movement which is keeping good time. The…Read more

Why wear a vintage watch?

If you are an avid watch fan, you will have noticed in recent years that vintage watches are becoming more common. What is the appeal of these vintage timepieces? Why have they become so popular? Should you consider wearing a vintage watch? In this post, we will attempt to answer the question, Why wear a…Read more

Are vintage watches reliable?

If you are new to the world of vintage watch collection, you may well have asked yourself the following questions. Are vintage watches reliable? How accurate can a vintage watch be? Do I need to leave them safely boxed at home, or can I wear them out every day? Do they have shock resistance and…Read more

The Dirty Dozen watches

The story of the Dirty Dozen watches began in 1943 when the British War Department realised the necessity of having a general service wristwatch built to high standards. They commissioned a watch for its forces. The aim was to find a replacement for the old A.T.P. (Army Trade Pattern) watches that had been in service…Read more