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Are vintage watches waterproof?

A question that gets asked a lot in the vintage watch world is, are vintage watches waterproof? The simple answer is no! Even if it states on the case that the watch is waterproof it should, as with any vintage watch, be kept away from water and moisture. Water resistance The term “waterproof” is no…Read more

Why wear a vintage watch?

If you are an avid watch fan, you will have noticed in recent years that vintage watches are becoming more common. What is the appeal of these vintage timepieces? Why have they become so popular? Should you consider wearing a vintage watch? In this post, we will attempt to answer the question, Why wear a…Read more

Are vintage watches reliable?

If you are new to the world of vintage watch collection, you may well have asked yourself the following questions. Are vintage watches reliable? How accurate can a vintage watch be? Do I need to leave them safely boxed at home, or can I wear them out every day? Do they have the shock resistance…Read more

Tag Heuer 1500 Series Professional 200m

I have owned this particular vintage watch is a Tag Heuer 1500 Series Professional (model WD1221-k-20, serial no. EK4341) for 25 years. It was my first “real” watch. I knew it was Swiss made, I knew of the Tag Heuer brand and I knew nothing about “real” watches. It is quartz and certainly doesn’t match…Read more